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Photographer Chris Kinsel

My name is Chris Kinsel, i am 15 years old out of Belmar, NJ. I have been shooting for about a year now. I have been always had a passion for surfing and when I got into photography it only made sense to shoot what I love.
      I love shooting people but i also enjoy shoot the landscapes around them. In my work i try to focus on the human-environment interaction. Yes, I shoot the physical action of surfing but i try to steer more toward the lifestyle/culture part of surfing. I want to show people what goes on behind the scenes, not just surfers surfing. I want to give the perspective the everyday person doesn’t  get to see.

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Anonymous asked:
any wedding plans?

im a bit young to be planning my wedding dontcha think. ;) 

Anonymous asked:
are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?

i want to but ill be in italy! doesnt it come out like may 17 or something? 



15 days!!! and i have so much to do leading up to that point omg. i have two finals two quizzes my internship final presentation and then more internship! bAH my orientation is this thursday. cant believe its all actually happening. SO EXCITED. 

and then badfish before i leave. and two weeks to drank it up over the weekends to enjoy being 21 with everyone before i go.. 

and then i wont be back until JUNE!!! ahhhhhhhh THIS IS SO CRAZY. im so excited, and nervous, and anxious, and thrillled and overwhelmed and holycrap i need to get off this. 

not to mention i havent actually been on this in FOREVER. <3 peace kids

want that sweater

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bucketlist right here

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